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Light and Tender Gluten Free Crust

Who among you gluten free people misses that perfect pizza, you know with a crust that you can actually lift off the pan yet isn't the consistency of cardboard or the taste of it for that matter?

I make this crust so often I've got it committed to memory. While our go to crust is an almond flour crust, with one kid with a nut allergy this crust is a pretty popular item in our house. Best yet you can make it ahead of time and freeze it. I use it for breakfast pizzas, taco pizza, regular good ol pepperoni and cheese. But I also use it for recipes that need a baked crust, like hotdishes or chicken pot pie. They are also great to make into little 5 inch rounds and make individual breakfast pizzas with! Ooo lala! I'll also make em up, top 'em, leave 'em in the freezer so my kids can easily pull out a healthy pizza instead of the processed plastic topped cardboard cutouts the stores say resemble a healthy meal.

Here's the scoop...

1pkt active dry yeast

Dissolved into 1 cup warm water

Sit 5 min, then add 1 egg,1 tbsp EVOO and mix.

Add 2 cups of gluten free flour mix. (I make my own but any variety containing xanthan gum should work fine)

Cover and place in a warm place until risen to double. Divide into 2 pans, roll out, making sure the rolling pin is oiled well as well as your pans. Bake 10 min until dry on top, then add toppings and bake again, all in a 350 oven.

Just a note for my SCD or paleo followers this recipe does not apply .

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