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Recipes — Chickpea noodles

Italian Chickpea Pasta

Italian Chickpea Pasta

With the days getting cooler, I feel my body craving those yummy warm and filling comfort foods.  But I still want fresh, healthy, and enzyme rich also.

This super simple meal makes lunch a snap.  I am in love with chickpea noodles.  That's purely what they are.  All protein coming from chickpeas, no flours of any kind so they make paleo, SCD, and grain free dieting super snappy and delicious!

With my FreshFridge Formulas, I had the veggies at hand, and chickpea noodles precooked and waiting.

Here's how I ate lunch on the quick: super simple and cheap!



Mushroom Sauce Zucchini Alfredo

Mushroom Sauce Zucchini Alfredo

So delicious!  If you didn't see my video post creating this absolutely delicious and super simple meal, watch the video here.

I love this meal.  It's the perfect comfort food on a cold day, yet with enough freshness that you don't feel that sickening heavy belly that usually goes along with it.   It is a perfect addition to our 7D Nourishment program.  

This is a low carb meal using spiralized zucchini noodles, my famous gf "Cream of Mushroom" sauce and fresh toppings.

Paired with some fresh rosemary,...