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Recipes — salad

Using the Energy Bowl Formula to Create Lunch: Maple Kale Salad

Using the Energy Bowl Formula to Create Lunch: Maple Kale Salad

Instead of making "salad", lets throw together the wide variety of vegetation available and change up flavors to create an "energy bowl" for lunch.  Here is the Energy Bowl Formula  

2 kinds of greens

1 kind of fruit

one oil

vegetation protein source (some suggestions:  nuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts, chia, lentils, beans)

Lettuce Boats

Lettuce Boats

Lettuce boats stuffed with a rich walnut and olive filling make the perfect combination of Builder and Lubricator. 

Mediterranean Salad with Quinoa/Chicken

Mediterranean Salad with Quinoa/Chicken

"Why do you not have a restaurant yet?"  

This is my husband's remark after this salad.  "Because, darling dear, you like having me work from home and put all my foodie attention on you".  Kiss.

But I'll take the compliment :)

Whenever I make a new recipe, the question is, "Does it belong on the menu?"  Which means it's good enough to eat, and for others to as well.

Dinner date, so my husband and I are twinning with salads.

Mediterranean flavor, with chicken for him, quinoa for me. 


The dressing

1/4 c raspberries,...

Salad Combo with Hemp Hearts and Raddichio

Salad Combo with Hemp Hearts and Raddichio

If you get tired of salads, it's all about trying the different combinations.  Don't get stuck in a rut, and don't be afraid to shake up your "usual" to try new things.  

What I'm Eating Today

It's really no different than what we're currently doing, you know.  Think about it...what do you basically eat?  Burger, potato, pizza, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, noodles, bread,'ve basically just found different ways to combine the same ingredients.  Look at mexican dishes....corn, beans, rice, tomato, lettuce, burger, chicken....they've just combined them differently again and again.

We need to take this approach with salad.  All salad is not SALAD.  Just like all noodles and pasta sauce is not spaghetti...It's lasagna, manicotti, get the idea.