Vegan Lunch Tacos

I have been LOVING spring time weather and the resulting fresh easy foods I've been making so that we can be outside as often as possible.  One of them are my Spring Rolls, which I think if I was ever addicted to anything, it would be these.  The other are anything I can wrap into non GMO corn tortillas.  

My family has been big on tacos ever since I can remember, I mean who doesn't like tacos???  But I don't love them with animal proteins, rolled drenched and fried in oil and wanted to show my mom these Vegan tacos are absolutely fantastic.  I took her to some walking trails next to a beautiful pond for Mother's Day armed with a mini cooler filled with them.   I don't know if she appreciates my food experiments or not,  (haha) but I figured she was at my mercy, so we'd give it a shot.  

I call them Vegan Lunch Tacos, but OF COURSE you could eat them any time of day.  

They fit my Fresh Fridge Formula protocol perfectly, they are super simple, easy, fresh, tasty, and super nourishing.  Plus, you could eat them every day and experiment with switching up your ingredients.  Here's what I did for these:


Vegan Lunch Tacos

1. First, I toss the tortillas onto the griddle to brown and soften them.  This also prevents them from falling apart when you pick them up.  I've noticed that depending upon the brand, some are more crumbly than others, so if you need, you can use a bit of avocado oil on the griddle and then lightly fry the tortillas on one side.  This gives them a bit more firmness.   

2. Then I spread hummus on the entire tortilla

3.  Homemade garden salsa spread on top of the hummus

4. From my Fresh Fridge containers of cut up and ready vegetables, each tortilla got:

shredded purple cabbage

shredded spinach

alfalfa sprouts

slivered radishes

and a few cubes of fresh avocado on top

That's it!  Fold them in half and eat.  They can easily be made ahead of time, stored in containers and taken out one or two at a time.  I would do the quick fry to the tortillas, however, if you are planning on doing this method, so the extended moisture doesn't make the shells fall apart.


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