Functional Meal Plans

Functional Meal Plans Week 3

Functional Meal Plans Week 3
his meal plan follows an anti-iflammatory diet, a weight loss diet, or those that just want to eat better. It is gluten free, with weekly Congestor total being very low, (low carb diet).  This week features meals that are easy to prepare in bulk ahead of time and take out in portions, so it's great for a busy week up ahead when there will not be a lot of meal prep time.  It includes Breakfast, Lunch, Suppers, and Snacks.

Functional Meal Plans Week 2

Functional Meal Plans  Week 2
This meal plan, like all of our meal plans, are balanced according to the Functions of food, so you know you are eating in balance.  The right amount of Congestors, Eliminators, and Builders to Lubricators has alreay been figured for you to make your meal planned week extra easy.