Reset #8 - A Word on Snacking

Read any fad diet program and you will see varying rules on snacking.  Yes, snack every 1-2 hours, or no, don't ever snack and eat only 3 meals a day.

What to believe?

The "reason" for snacking would be for someone who needs additional nutrient intake, is in a progressive and active healing plan, or who has specific blood sugar needs that requires snacking frequently (however, these people should be balancing their body systems at the same time for whole health improvement, which is sadly, often lacking).

The scientific purpose for snacking may be so that a person is holding sugar longer, in order to provide energy to systems, or so that proteins ride on sugars in order to decrease up and down swings for mood or hormones.  Most likely, you won't know if you are a person that needs any of these balancing nutritional protocols, but our practitioners can help you decide.  

Snacking provides the fuel for your body to keep going.  However, the science behind it is that if you are on a weight rebalancing plan, you generally do not want to snack, forcing your body to get its energy by burning fat.  

Snacking is generally out of habit, rather than hunger, and often the perceived hunger is actually due to hydration.  It might be worth the trial to drink a glass of water and get yourself occupied in a task that is fun and useful to your transformation to redirect your habit.  

The problem we see with snacking, however, is not only that it is generally a habit rather than a bodily need, but that the snacks are "treats", processed, garbage junk food that the body does NOT need to refuel with, but that you are using out of habit, comfort, or any other false reason that doesn't bring you to health.   An ACTUAL snack's purpose to refuel the body would be something that brings the body value, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, or seeds. 

Even in a person that has been medically determined to need frequent meals throughout the day, the key word still is "meal".  It is not an opportunity to load up on junk.  It is still intended to be a well balanced actual meal of nourishment.

So basically, whatever the train of thought, "snacking" is largely misunderstood, ill-applied, and inappropriate to the body's needs.

Take some time to observe your snacking:  why you are conceptually choosing to snack, what you are feeling, and what you are choosing as your "snack".  Understanding these concepts and learning the habits of your mind will go a long way towards understanding your choices. 


Lesson to complete today:  Journal What You Already Have

Get FOCUSED and learn to plan for your life!  "If you don't choose the extraordinary, the ordinary will choose you! "  Creating Your Human Experience

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Breakfast:  Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Plate

Lunch:  Fresh Fridge Lunch Formula:  Use 1 cup quinoa as the base, 5 vegetables of choice, sauce of choice.




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