Reset #9 - It Can't Be Denied, Food is a Business


Try as we may, there is an undeniable connection between our food and our health.   We can’t deny it, it is what makes us up, after all. Trying to have special diets and focus on fad foods of the day serves only to distract us away from the simplicity of the function that food really is:  to nourish our bodies with its consumption, and to nourish our soul with the time spent growing, preparing and sharing a meal with the people in our families and communities. Gone is that sense of community in which all work together for the good of the whole, working to bring in the harvest or plant on time, to have harvest celebrations with neighbors as you celebrate with gratitude the joyous bounty the growing season provided.  The labor that provided real effect on our lives has become a meaningless effort at punching a time clock and feeling all too well a feeling of purposelessness rather than pleasure in our work. No, there is no denying what has been lost with the advent of convenience and greed schemes. Much more than our physical health has been lost, but the health of our small communities and nourishing support of those that worked right alongside of us.  
This doesn’t mean we need to lament the “good ol days” and wish for a return to them.  That can never happen, nor would it be right to wish it so. However, it is an equally deficient effort to struggle on in ways that are not growing with our lives.  It is not effective to let the powers that be decide what is “food” while we toil away at jobs to make the rich richer, despite the fact that our health falling to the wayside with the effort.  It is equally ignorant to keep moving on in the direction of synthetic pharmaceutical medications as our “healers” when the very reasons for needing those medications hasn’t been addressed.   It also cannot be denied, that money is made off of the foods that we choose.  It means we learn to work with intention rather than a “herd (sheep) mentality” and look closely at the reasons we eat.  To examine why we’ve made it so difficult and how to get back to the basics and learn to enjoy the most essential part of our body vehicle’s existence. (Excerpt from DrFoodie's "Its Only Food".  Get your copy here)

It cannot be denied, food is a business, providing food for our existence is a business.  It is up to you to determine who is in charge of the health of your body and who you decide gets to make decisions for your food.  This is why RESET exists, to become educated so you are making conscious choices. 


Today's Food for Thought Exercise:  Writing an Image for the Self

An image is the “movie” you are playing of yourself.  It is who you see yourself to be and hopefully who you are portraying to the world.  

If you want people to be in love and connected with you, you best be in love and connected with yourself.


Use the following prompt questions to help you write a complete image on who you see yourself to be and what is true for you.


The Questions:

  1. This is how I see myself as a person
  2. These are the things I like to do
  3. If I had an hour to myself this is what I would be doing
  4. People say I am…
  5. I am proud of…
  6. These are the things I am good at.
  7. These are the groups I am part of
  8. My friends say I am
  9. When I was a child I enjoyed
  10. This is how I spend my day
  11. The kind of work I do
  12. The kind of work I enjoy
  13. This is what I look like
  14. This is what people think of me
  15. These are my skills, and talents, and characteristics…
  16. I am…
  17. I believe….
  18. And any other details that can describe the way you see yourself.

Now, go back over the details in which you have described yourself.  Are they how you want people to see you? Are they the you you are happy with?  Would you rather trade some parts? Remove others? Ad in new things?

This is a time for you to be entirely imaginative and creative, bringing to mind the self you want to be and the self you want others to see.

If you are not currently this self, that is okay.  Simply bring awareness to yourself of the person you would like to be.

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Breakfast:  Homemade Apple Breakfast Bar you already are making the sourdough pizza crust, so make extra so that you are ready to make pizzas for supper.

 Lunch:  Lentil Vegetable Soup

Supper:  Homemade Pizza with Sourdough Pizza Crust


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