Reset Day 23 - Emotional Eating

One of the most common ways food becomes mis-conceptual in our lives is because of our habits, including how we use it in our everyday situations and how we use it to handle our emotions.  If you think about it, food is involved in every emotion, whether we are celebrating joyously with a buffet of brightly colored dishes and desserts, or it’s a funeral, and we are halfheartedly eating funeral sandwiches and hotdishes as we process our losses.  We have cake and full service at weddings, and coffee and bars at midafternoon coffee. Food is with us for every occasion and for every emotion. It is the concrete and physical form of what we are emotionally feeling. It is something tangible to grasp when we can’t get a handle on anything else.  
There are two damaging ends of the spectrum  when we eat to fill a void. In phases of depression, it begins by eating just because of habit.  Then we eat because we feel we should. We may not be hungry, but eating gives us something to do, when we simply don’t know what to do anywhere else.  Then we eat because we are desperately trying to feel something, anything. Then there’s the emotional eating, where we simply want to feel good and grab whatever is handy, whatever is easy and momentarily satisfying.  The problem with these foods is that they are the typical foods that jack the metabolism and raise the feel good hormones….for a time. But when they come crashing down they don’t stop at normal levels, dipping far below, requiring more and more to bring back “normal”.  And the vicious cycle has begun. Not only that, but the addictive chain of chemicals has begun and we crave what we get from the temporary high, as strong as any drug.
But at least there is ACTION.  There is a process, and something is happening.  Even if the choices we make with our food is inappropriate or inaccurate, there is still thought and decision there.
While this end of the spectrum is action filled, it is intent on harnessing whatever we can GET from the food, in order to just feel good, as I explained above.  This type of emotional eating leads to poor eating habits, weight gain, acne, and a whole host of bodily elimination problems, with long term chronic system failure and disease down the road.  This is because we are not using food appropriately for the body’s needs of nourishment but for instant gratification of emotional needs which often leads to poor decision making.
At least this first scenario has some type of action to it, but do this long enough, and the swing to the other end of the spectrum is far more damaging.  On this end, eating is remote, if we eat at all. It is mundane. It is tasteless. Food no longer fills a void, because the void is endless. It is like as they say with an appendage, say an arm or a leg.  If you don’t use something the body naturally atrophies it and preserves its resources for the parts the body is still using. Think of a person that has ever been in a cast, how skinny, gaunt and pale it looks when the cast is removed.  When you don’t use something, there is no need for energy to go there. When you don’t use food as food is meant to be, as fuel for the cells to become the parts of the body, there is no need for the digestive processors, enzymes and chemicals that give the food taste and function to be productive any longer.    There is no need for the stimulus of the nervous system to activate these. Without the foods to extract our nourishment from, to continue to build a body that carries on, and without the stimulus of the nervous system, much of the natural “body electric” is diminished. You may have heard this to be called CHI. And while there are many ways for the body electric to weaken, it is crucial to note that this weakens both the ENERGY of the body field AND the PHYSICAL form of the body.  
It is much wiser to fully allow ourselves to understand the emotion we are feeling, without judgement or trying to “solve” it with food.  

 Breakfast:  Great Beet-ing Heart Smoothie

Lunch:  Fresh Fridge Lunch Formulas or:

Quinoa stuffed peppers.  Cut a bell pepper in half, stuff with pre-cooked quinoa, and roast in a 400 oven until tender.  

Supper:  Sweet Potato Quesadillas


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