Reset Day 27- How You Eat, You Teach

The concepts that are derived from the provision of food is deep and rooted into the basic core of a child’s ability to trust, give of himself, and love.  This is because food is an innate necessity. Almost immediately after birth, babies begin rooting around searching for food. It is innately within them to do this.  Not only is it for the preservation of life and growth of the body, it is security and rooting to this world, a stability if you will. Parents providing for our every need from infancy builds trust and security.   The very fact that a person is providing for our needs shows us that they love us. Food provision conveys to the subconscious this concept of love. Because we can rely on someone for such a basic need; a need that repeats the imprint many times a day, it is the most basic form of showing love.   Knowing this, think of the way you currently arrange for this provision to be presented including the components: environment, attitude, presentation, and types of food. To illustrate, compare the concepts created in the following settings. Environmental setting one: Food is presented on dirty dishes, slopped on the plate, and served on a table piled with clutter, eaten alone while mom or dad is too busy to take the time to sit down.  Environmental setting two: Food is organized on the clean plate, served on a table set for the family, the mood is unrushed, the meal is eaten together, the food looks appealing with many colors and textures. There is conversation during the meal. I’m not saying one is right and one is wrong. Certainly, we fare just fine occasionally on less than ideal standards. The point is that when consistently offered, the environment has a lot to say about the care put in to the food offered.  Without having said a word, concepts are being created in the child’s mind about the value of the food, and thus, the value of them, simply by how the food is presented. Just as important is the attitude in which the food is provided, served, shopped for, prepared, and cleaned up. Run through the scenarios in your head about the concepts a child might be adding to his or her subconscious mind simply by the attitudes you adopt in all aspects of the provision of food. If you are grouchy when you grocery shop will it come off to the child that this task which is vital to his life is a bother and a burden?   If you grumble about the cost of the groceries what will it say to a child about his value?
If you complain as you are preparing the meal, again, will it appear to the child that he is a burden? If you prepare the food in a haphazard manner, throwing things together, will it seem as though you don’t have time for the child? If you prepare food slopped from a can into a pan and onto a plate, what does your lack of effort show to a child?  Granted, the attitude in which this is done means everything. You CAN convey love no matter the source of the food product. What is your attitude when you are preparing meals for your child? What concepts would you LIKE them to receive about food, the preparation of it, the value of the people in which you are preparing it for? You set the stage and the standards for the concepts that are derived simply by the attitude in which you make the effort. 



Breakfast:  The Quarter Cup Smoothie 

Lunch:  Poppyseed Salad

Supper:  Tortilla Soup


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