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Reset #6 A Word on Fresh

Reset #6  A Word on Fresh

A word on Fresh today....

So what is "real"  food?  We hear that talked about repeatedly, so it would be good to know what that means, exactly.  Real food constitutes a food that has as minimal processing as possible.  It is a natural food grown as clean as possible, without additives and processing, taken from natural environment to plate.  It is the foods that were meant to function the body, like fruits ,vegetables, grains, seeds, beans, rice, lentils, etc.  Some people include "real" food  to mean meats and some do not.  For our purposes, we are going to use the...

Reset #4 - The Food Pyramid Vs. Food Functions

Reset #4 - The Food Pyramid Vs. Food Functions

An explanation of the food functions to eat in accordance to the functioning of the body itself.