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Fun Healthy Foods for Picky Eaters

Fun Healthy Foods for Picky Eaters

Picky eating can be a trick for any family.  Luckily, we at DrFoodie are not immune and have TONS of articles to help.  Check out these fan favorite foods, plus some articles that could be the piece to your puzzle.  Trick:  don't make it a big deal...chances are things always work out in the wash.  But read our post on some of the reasons WHY and how to make some improvements to show how healthy eating is a value of your family.  


Some foods to try:

Vegan Banana Split

Picky Eaters, Anyone? 9 Questions to Ask ,8 Things You Can Do and the 3 By 7 Rule

Picky Eaters, Anyone?  9 Questions to Ask ,8 Things You Can Do and the 3 By 7 Rule


When it comes to kids, they can be a trick when supper time rolls around. Picky eaters, anyone?

1. Advertising plays to the fun packaging.....fruit doesn't have any packaging.  If you are getting a majority of your nourishment from packaging...is it food?

2.  They are still developing their taste buds.  They are learning flavors and their taste buds are much more brilliant and perceptive than ours, which have been "dumbed down" by white flours, processed sugars, and an over abundance of Congestor intake.  Especially when food is bought in a grocery store rather than...

Don't Just Eliminate Gluten. Here's What Else You Need to Know

PCOS A Nourishing and Restoring Protocol

PCOS A Nourishing and Restoring Protocol


PCOS is a common problem among women that seek support.  We work with functional wellness which brings balance back to the systems of the body so that the body can do what it knows to do.  It is heavily nutrition related and most women will find they become pregnant quite quickly upon balancing their body’s nourishment.  We also work with a balancing protocol that restores function to sugar handling processes in the body.


As it relates to PCOS, a growing body of evidence points...

Capturing Your Personal Avatar

Capturing Your Personal Avatar

To feel like you are living the person you want to be in each role of your life it's important to know who that person is.  Then, you live, breathe, move, talk, and act from that image.  Which is why we do this exercise called your "Personal Avatar".  It's the image of who you see yourself to be.  

If you are constantly only giving to the needs and wants of others, what you have to offer the world can very quickly be misconstrued and forgotten because all of your time, effort, and energy is taken up, leaving no time to fulfill your greatest purposes.   If you represent yourself inaccurately in order to take care of others' WANTS,  sooner or later that very person with whom you have created the desired relationship will discover that you misrepresented yourself, and one or both of you end up feeling bad.