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Anxiety Release Measures

Anxiety Release Measures
*Asterisk indicates in the moment applications

  • Cpt to clear past concepts and genesis concepts and filtering for the world that we are doing all the time, combined with tapping solution of discovered concepts *
  • Hormone assessment, progesterone cream, hormone combo
  • CBD oil
  • Vitamin D
  • Metabolic exercise, Like DrJared Teta, HiiT *
  • Finding passion
  • Breathing - it’s the one thing you can control *
  • Day and night planning
  • Food - the right fuel
  • Wake right up in the morning, move to meditation
  • Learn ourselves
  • Make a plan to remember, give permission to have it, and then the tasks to do it
  • Gratitude, satisfaction
  • Happy journal *
  • What makes you happy, do those things more, put it in your plan
  • Sun salutations *
  • Nose breathing, one side, then the other  Nadi Shodana *(
  • “Anxiety Turnaround”
  • “SCA workbook”
  • “Clean Your Plate”
  • “My Evolutionary Evening”
  • “My AM/PM planner”
  • NOT coming up with a plan to DO, but getting still (when you’re in the moment of the feeling), but then having a plan overall
  • Not putting ourselves in the equation, we’re giving and dropping ourselves right out of the equation
  • Our to do lists are great.  We are DOING but progress is less
  • Learn body awareness exercises….we’ve been trained out of awareness of our body sensing
  • Reducing social media , comparing, and how swiping keeps multiple drawers open in our brains.  Forbes article on how social media affects health, but also that we are born into this time on purpose, also the wifi  ( I highly recommend the book “Unselfie” by Michele Borba)
  • The zen techniques including doing one thing at a time (our multi tasking has been not so great thing)
  • Being present in the here and now and discovering the truth here *

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