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Food and Healing

Food and Healing

As we have led up to, food and the nature of healing cannot be separated.  Food is healing, not just in consumption but in during the whole process.

Not only are the foods that we commonly know as healthy food part of the healing process by feeding and nourishing our bodies, giving building nutrients, using particular ones to heal, rebuild, carry out toxins and wastes.  But there are many properties of vegetation that are not commonly thought of by conventional nutrition methods.  

DrFoodie follows an intention for vegetation to make up 70% of our total dietary intake.  This includes not only the foods that build our bodies:  proteins, carbs, and fats, but should include the less commonly thought of.   The macro nutrient foods build our bodies.  Greens tone the nervous system, remove toxins and benefit hormones and the entire endocrine system.  And there is a whole other category within the vegetative world:  Herbs and other plant greens.  These are the natural “medicines” to be consumed daily.  I hesitate to call them “medicines” because definitely they are known to have medicinal properties, but concepts around the term of “medicine” suggests that a disease, illness, or symptom is present FIRST and then a “medicine” is taken to remove it.  In the true understanding of healing food and vegetation, we need to understand that these foods of course are used as such in the form of “herbal medicines” but more importantly, these foods should be consumed daily not as a “preventative” but as the necessary actions to setting the stage for “health”.  We want to instill a concept of understanding the function and purpose of this category of healing foods.  The function is NOT as a preventative, though that it does, but we don’t eat them in order to “prevent” anything.  If that is the concept that is being constructed, then the negative concept (that we need to prevent disease) is still present.  The concept is still present in the construct of the cells and builds with the idea that we are victims over disease.  When you eat, instead, with a picture of pure perfect health for the sake of it, the cellular constructive blueprint changes.  You aren’t “fighting” anything, at the whim of anything as a victim, but as a knowledgeable chooser in the setting the environment for the body to build using the functional foods that were exactly designated to do so.

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