Has Anyone Ever Given You The REAL 411 on Coffee? No? They Should, Here It Is, And What You Can Do Instead

Think coffee is the only way to get you jumpstarted in the morning?  I have a problem with that….for MANY reasons!

First of all, why did we EVER get in this habit? Because we do MANY things because that are the status quo, without THINKING!

And if you pay attention, it’s not just one coffee in the morning to get things going….it’s multiple….darker….and throughout the day.

Sure it gets you going, but at what cost?  

First of all, I have an issue with what we’re all avoiding.  The fact that we need this jumpstart says quite a bit about the life we are living.  Why are we living in such a way that life is a drudgery we have to jumpstart to make it through?  That’s the first problem, and the first resolution, by the way.

As far as what happens when you drink that coffee, It’s all about brain chemistry, but instead of working with and nourishing the brain, you are manipulating and fooling the nerves...bad idea in my book, folks.  Pure and simple, here’s what’s up in summary. A substance called Adenosine is created in the brain, naturally. It, again naturally and innately intelligently, binds to receptors made just for it….Adenosine Receptors.  This binding slows down nerve cells and causes drowsiness. This activity also causes blood vessels to dilate, in order to get more oxygen to the brain during sleeping. It’s how sleep works.

However, when you ingest coffee, the CAFFEINE LOOKS like Adenosine to a nerve cell, and so now the caffeine now binds to the Adenosine Receptors.  Except, it DOES NOT slow down the nerve cell. It constricts the blood vessels, providing LESS oxygen, and speeds UP the nerve cells because this is now a threat to the adrenal glands, our “fight or flight” glands.  Thinking we are in danger, the adrenal glands push out chemical messengers that speed everything up..in order to get us out of danger. This is why you are instantly awake, because the body has told you to be ready for action.  Does that sound healthy to you??? By the way, adenosine also has a major effect on Dopamine, sound familiar? It’s HUGELY related to feelings of wellness...or DEPRESSION, a commonly diagnosed “condition” in today’s age.

When you ingest caffeine, your heart speeds up, your blood pressure rises, your airway opens up to start inhaling more oxygen (for survival), your muscles tense up ready for action that your body didn’t naturally prepare itself for and is the reason you can suddenly feel like running a mile, your liver purges sugar into the bloodstream for extra energy (you know, because you just downed coffee, and didn’t fuel your body with any breakfast, sound familiar?)This has a huge thwarting effect on your metabolism by the way.  Weight gain, anyone?

Plus, once that coffee wears off, you hit that proverbial low….and you reach for the pot again.

Start Your Day Without Caffeine

In a SUPPORTIVE way to work with the body to get it moving is first and foremost...create a life you LOVE that you can’t wait to wake up to!

  1.  Waking up and BREATHING MORE through awareness like meditation or yoga, and also breathing more simply because you are awake and moving more, particularly if you do say ten minutes of exercise.
  2.  Just like breathing more, there are herbs that are food, fuel, and fortifiers to the body as NOURISHMENT, (not like caffeine which acts more like a drug...forceful and abrupt, without the body’s say).  Herbs were MADE to assist bodily function. Where caffeine constricts the blood vessels, providing less oxygen to the brain resulting in chemical warriors to come in and fight for you, an herb like Gingko Biloba, for example, dilates the blood vessels, allowing the brain to receive more oxygen, not out of panic I might remind you.  This natural increase of blood flow to the brain creates mental alertness and focus.
  3.  Drink lemon water first thing you put into your body.  Lemon boosts energy levels without the caffeine crash. When the negative ions in the lemon hits your digestive system it increases energy levels.  If drunk first thing, it helps purge the liver, and a sluggish liver leads to a sluggish body so it only makes sense to stimulate the liver, correct?  Plus, lemon is in juice form and is more readily bioavailable to the body so it can start nourishing and energizing the body immediately on contact.  Did I mention it stimulates the intestines to eliminate?  Basically, lemon does what caffeine does, but not induced by a hormonal state of forceful panic and fight, but because it is assisting natural functioning.
  4.  B Vitamins -  They help take the food you put into the body and reap the energy out of it.  So hello, eating breakfast(which most coffee drinkers skip in favor of their cup of jo) in general would be a start, but drinking a greens rich smoothie, or green juice would be even better.  Here's The Only Green Juice You Will Ever Need recipe  Also, join our 30 Day RESET Challenge, which has meals planned out for you including green juice recipes.
  5.  Breakfast - the nourishing kind, which provides fuel for your body to operate off of.  And no swinging through the drive through either. At least grab a protein smoothie alongside your green juice.  If you set your kitchen up right to accommodate this, it can be just as fast. Prepare for your success by having the right tools and making it easy!  My favorite smoothie recipe and take a look at these easy formulas for a Fresh Breakfast Smoothie Formula
  6.  Lastly, and most importantly, if you need something to keep you going throughout the day, you might not be doing things right for yourself.  It’s no different than needing a drug or alcohol to “get you over the hump”. Relying on ANYTHING as a NEED is harmful to your mental, emotional and physical state.  Be responsible to examine what your life’s cues are telling you and create the life you love.

I believe coffee is an herbal plant medicine….but that it was not intended to be ingested.  If you want to know what I believe coffee’s medicinal use is, comment below.


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  • What do you think it’s medicinal use is??

    Candice Jean Greer
  • I love this! Such a great reminder that coffee should not be a NEED! We should fuel our bodies for alertness and success with foods packed with vitamins!


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