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The Solution to "Struggle": You Used To Do This All The Time As a Kid

The Solution to "Struggle":  You Used To Do This All The Time As a Kid

When we are in a place of struggle and solving we are in a place of mind and ego, where essentially you are only looking at possible solutions through ONE human mind, rather than the vast possibilities of solutions that exist.  When you get into a creative, imaginative, dreaming space, you enter a space of possibility.  

Mental Thrifting For the New Year

Mental Thrifting

Just like everything, we follow a cycle of “seasons” in our life Just like there is a pattern, a rotation, a system in everything in the universe: sun sets, moon rises; planets rotate and revolve, seasons flow from one to the next; there is a pattern within us as well.
This is not new information as psychologists and theologists have been studying this for centuries starting with star gazers and astrologers. Even the theory of the IChing is that there is a season for all things. That you can chart where you will be moving into and understand where...

How to See Your Way to What You Want

How to See Your Way to What You Want

Somedays you just feel like you are so far away from where you really want to be, right?  Perhaps you feel like you don't even really know what that is anymore.  And if you DO know exactly what you want, too many obstacles, right?  Can't find a way to figure it out?  Your head is confused and you just can't see clearly how it will work?    Financial problems the stopper?  Don't feel like you have real opportunities?

Okay, now that I've named about 95% of readers, what to do about it?  Well, that's a whole challenge in and of...

The Most IMPORTANT Thing You Can Do Before You Eat

The Most IMPORTANT Thing You Can Do Before You Eat

This little known intention can change the way your body handles the food it takes in.


Raising the Vibration of Food

What has historically and traditionally been seen as prayer before a meal, really has similar intentions behind what vibrational enhancement offers.
Traditional religious ritual has had people praying over meals for centuries, both as an acknowledgement of the gifts before them and as a gratitude for those gifts. In my opinion, prayer always had more to it than this, though I believe it has been lost through the generations.
Praying over your food certainly does acknowledge your bountiful gifts and...

Are You a Worry Wart?

“Worry, like fear, will disorganize the whole being - body, mind, and soul. Most people who are ill are the victims of worry. Even if their illness is not a direct outcome of worry, this destructive force is still associated with the condition in some form or degree.
Worry is responsible for more disease than all the germs that exist on the face of the earth. Almost everyone suffers from it in some form or other. Few of us ever realize just what harm we do when we allow our minds to indulge in this most destructive emotion.”

This is an excerpt...