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Miracles Happen

When miraculous things happen, the first thing you want to do is share it. That's what I'm doing because I'm hoping that all who hear it will regain their sense of hope, re ignite their spark for life, and feel what it feels to be valued.

If you've been following my story, you will know that mine is part of a medical miracle. When it comes to your physical body you know the fear and worry that comes with it when you have an illness or injury. It helps to know that miracles happen.
How do I begin to share something so...

What's Beyond "The Meaning of Life'?

What's Beyond "The Meaning of Life'?

The most interesting thing in my experience over this summer is not the amount and severity of pain I have endured, the accomodations I've had to wager, or the abilities I have no longer been able to enjoy. What has been the most transformational for me during this time is what I will try to describe as I write from what has become my very small 3 foot by 3 foot corner of the world. Literally, with pain, loss of some ability, and needing help with almost everything, the whole wide world has condensed itself onto the small love seat...

Steroid Stole My Legs

Lots of things happen in life that you don't post to Facebook for the world to see. You don't share them because they seem unnecessary to do so. So what do you do when the situation has stretched itself out, nobody has known because up to this point it hasn't existed, how do you just casually drop in and say, "so by the way...."
So the debate on whether to post this story has been back and forth in my mind for a number of reasons. It's no secret in my blogs I'm very open about what I post because I...

Health Insurance Vs. Health ASSURANCE

I was visiting my chiropractor the other day and it astonished me what the Chiropractic Assistant said about our insurance coverage. She said that "when you start feeling better from an injury that brought you in, then coverage for care stops. They don't cover preventative care." In my opinion, this seems just about as backwards as you can get!

As you may have experienced, we can't always rely on our health insurance coverage to be there for what we need.

YOu also may have experienced that healing modalities in the natural realm are NOT covered by insurance. As far as I'm...

Sobering Statistics That Should Reshape Your Bottom Line

Sobering Statistics That Should Reshape Your Bottom Line

Vishen Lakhiani of MIndvalley reported some interesting results that hopefully will make us stand up and take notice:
His results as reported:

For 82% of you, 2014 wasn't the kind of year they'd hoped for in terms of financial abundance.

85% felt "caged" by their financial limitations, unable to make their contributions to the world.

69% don't have a better outlook on 2015 either. They doubt if they'll have the money and flexibility to enjoy a decent amount of vacations.

And about 79% said they don't have the tools needed to reach greater levels of abundance in 2015.

Over the last...