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Sobering Statistics That Should Reshape Your Bottom Line

Sobering Statistics That Should Reshape Your Bottom Line

Vishen Lakhiani of MIndvalley reported some interesting results that hopefully will make us stand up and take notice:
His results as reported:

For 82% of you, 2014 wasn't the kind of year they'd hoped for in terms of financial abundance.

85% felt "caged" by their financial limitations, unable to make their contributions to the world.

69% don't have a better outlook on 2015 either. They doubt if they'll have the money and flexibility to enjoy a decent amount of vacations.

And about 79% said they don't have the tools needed to reach greater levels of abundance in 2015.

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The first Natural Source office...oh memories! 300 sq ft of terrifying bliss!

I started her journey in natural health with major debilitating illnessess including Ulcerative Colitis and life changing food allergies and intolerances that led to multiple "incurable" digestive disturbances.

"The symptoms were horrible and embarrassing. In addition to that, because with malabsorption that comes along digestive illnesses the rest of your health is impaired because of lack of nutrients getting in efficiently, more and more conditions and symptoms manifested.

But I was where you are; symptoms with no results doctor after doctor, things stayed the same and nothing worked.