Learn Food Functions

Food FX: Optimal Wellness


Most People Don't Even Realize This Exists!

We know the difference between "healthy" and "non-healthy" foods.

What most of us DON'T know is that there is a FUNCTION to the foods you eat, and if you pay attention and balance those functions across your daily eating, the results can be astonishing!

* weight loss

* fat loss

* skin clears up

* IBS, constipation, diarrhea, bowel issues relieved

* better bowel movements

* better elimination across all 5 systems of elimination

* stronger immune health

* feeling happier

* symptoms reduced or relieved

* relief of feelings of anxiety

 When your body gets properly NOURISHED, it's amazing what can happen!


Learning about the simple principles of Food Functions, Amanda Plevell healed from "incurable" diseases and has since helped others to improve their health by understanding the same simple principles.  


In this FX:  Optimal Wellness group you'll learn:

1.  Simple food truths that 98% of Americans will never know, but should if they want to fuel for health.

2. Learn the Function of Foods and how they interplay with your body, defining how your body will respond. 

3. The 6 words that help to make healthy food, FAST food.

4.  TWO Formulas for breakfast and lunches that are complete, whole, and perfectly balanced. 

5.  How to eat, exactly

6.  How to blend Food Fx with your preference:  Keto, Paleo, SCD, AIP and other healing diets....they ALL work with Food Fx and Food Fx SHOULD be applied to them!

7.  Where to shop

8.  What to buy

9.  How to feed your family when you all eat differently.

10.  Dealing with "picky" eaters

11. Recipes that make life simple

12.  What to do when eating out

13.  Health friendly holidays

14. and much much more!


You'll get:

* 24/7 access to all of DrFoodie's articles and recipes

* Support DAILY

* Weekly videos, recipes, tips, charts, and hacks to make healthy eating easy

* A community of those with the same goals as YOU

* You'll get optimal wellness surveys to begin your journey, and documents to find out where you are now and where you want to be.

* You'll get the 4 week Optimal Wellness Course through  educational emails to use at any time!  This course explores your wellness in ALL dimensions of your life, so that you can truly create what you want in your life.

* Learning the program is conducted through FB groups as the platform, so you can access the lessons, videos, tips and recipes all the time.  PLUS you can ask questions.  The Group is a closed group and you must have an invite.  After you make a request for an invite, you will be sent an invoice by email.  It is a ONE TIME payment of $67 for lifetime membership and all of the free resources.  Once paid, you will be added to the group and can learn immediately.  Start with the WEEK 1 video and get started in your own time!  Then browse the feed, the comments and the answers.  The people that are the most successful are those that access the group regularly and keep learning and asking questions and learning from each other

* The ONE TIME ONLY fee of $67 includes the 4 week email course AND the Closed Community Group for LIFE!