Fractions of Healing Personalities

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Here are the descriptions:

The Good Girl/Good Boy Personality

The Liver Personality

The Chameleon Personality

The Digestive Personality

The Heart Personality

The Mucosal Personality



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What are the Fractions of Healing Personality?

Your cells are like mini computers that play out a program that include information received from:

*how you eat

*your lifestyle choices

*your emotions

*your thoughts, beliefs, concepts, standards

* your experiences

* your illnesses, your health history, viruses, bacteria and pathogen exposure

*your environment

*your toxins

*your relationships

You can tell what the cellular "programming" is based on the outward expression that we see in our body as "symptoms".  The cells only can produce that with which they are coded to do.  Change the programming, we change the health and representation of health in the body.  

This means that in order to heal, your cells need to be able to do what they are programmed to do:  take in nutrition and energy, waste out what it's done with.  

Your nourishment, your elimination capabilities, and the energy coming through your thought and emotion patterns are key.  This means we need to see how your body particularly needs to be nourished, how well the body's eliminative systems are functioning, and the kinds of energy vibrations the cells are receiving through environment, thoughts, and feelings.  

There are 6 typical conceptual pattern groupings most people fit into that I like to call the "Healing Personalities".

The Healing Personalities are fractions of the whole that portray themselves in individually.   They are the dominant conceptual conditionings received from everything the cells have taken in that regulate a person’s behavioral outcomes and physical manifestations of health or illness.  These beliefs are the constructs that subliminally direct our actions, and behaviors, thus creating our life.

While most people will have a single dominant personality, it is possible that over time and as they grow and change that they may adopt other Fractions of Personality.  Generally, however, they will retain the same basic personality throughout their life. It is ultimately the goal to reintegrate into one wholeness.

While anyone can attach to any concept, each of the  particular personalities are more likely to absorb, accept, and adhere to certain types of concepts.  

For example:  The Good Girl/Good Boy Personality is more likely to accept concepts about self worth, value,  and confidence.

The Liver Personality is more likely to have difficulty with words they perceive harshly, and will adopt more concepts about being good enough.

These make up the particulars of each personality group.

It is helpful to understand the variations and identify the particularities so that you can help understand how your body will improve, heal, grow, and function the best.  They can even help you determine best career options, helpful relationships for you, and how to work with children of each personality. 

Now that you know your unique Healing Personality, find ways to assist yourself in the best ways for your particular type. 

Find coursework specific to each individual healing personality:

Heart Personality

Mucosal Personality

Chameleon Personality

Digestive Personality

Liver Personality

Good Girl/Boy Personality



You can begin your true healing journey by understanding what your particular Healing Fraction of Personality has to say about you.  Take our online quiz here if you haven't already.