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DrFoodie has a whole SUITE of opportunities to suit your needs:

DrFoodie Lifestyle ($9/month membership)

All access pass to the complete DrFoodie toolkit including:

* Functional Recipes for  Breakfasts, lunches, salads, dinners, and healthy sweet treats and desserts!

*  Videos and lessons

* Conceptual programming

* Holistic health articles and exercises to live a holistic, naturalist lifestyle



Customized Nourishment Programs  ($39/month)

Customized Nourishment Programs based on your unique Healing Fraction using Dr. Plevell's powerful methods and your goals.

*  Weekly menu emails deliver everything you need for powerful nutrition that follows Food Functional Balance for optimized body functioning

* Delivers 7 day weekly meal plans for your type and goals

*  User friendly for specific food lifestyles including vegan, vegetarian, and paleo

*   24/7 Access to DrFoodie's complete collection of healing diet and healthy recipes for members






Weight Rebalancing/Fat Loss  ($97)


What if I told you weight loss didn't have to be so hard, and that, especially for women there are some BIG metabolic factors that play a HUGE part?

Wouldn't it be great to stop playing the guilt and shame game where you endlessly beat up on yourself?

What if I told you that symptoms of ALL KINDS OF DISEASE and illnesses could be reduced by simply restoring body balance using SIMPLE techniques?

What if I told you that there are FUNCTIONS to food and their use and balance or imbalance will help to determine the expression of your health or non-health?

Our RESULTS Transformation program is 90 days of weight loss with a proven formula that WORKS!  Completely accessible in YOUR OWN TIMEFRAME, this is a complete DIY program that works!  




Managed Plans  ($350/month)

Designed for those who need a little extra help in regulating and managing in order to reach their goals. Receive full access to DrFoodie's suite of healing diet recipes, conceptual exercises and programs, as well as an assignment to a fully trained DrFoodie Expert to guide you through your weeks and make adjustments to suit your needs.  

No matter where you live...or HOW crazy busy your schedule is...or what kind of healing your body is going through, now you can get help that brings success!

* Available all over the globe...from the comfort of your own home!

* Learn the secrets of our most successful clients!

* Nourishment experts at your fingertips!

* Get a roadmap to your own personal achievable success!

* Avoid common pitfalls! 


* Comprehensive Screening Follow ups each month that take ALL CORE COMPONENTS OF YOUR PROGRAM into account.             

* Support  weekly, as well as email access so you FEEL supported!

* Regular adjustments based on metabolic ability as your body changes so you aren't stuck in a plan that you've moved beyond, ELIMINATING PLATEAU!

* Energy, sleep, stress and emotions evaluations as you progress so your WHOLE BODY is included! 

* Direct one on one support so you can walk hand in hand to actually see RESULTS!

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