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If you've ever been focused on healing or learning ANYTHING new, you know how important it is to find teachers you trust, with experience, and educational materials that really make a difference.  You also know you have to want it.  You have to be committed to yourself,  your education and your future. 

 For over 12 years, DrFoodie has mentored  health seekers searching for a happy healthy life, whether for their own personal health and happiness, or to be trained as natural health teachers of the Next Generation.

Think back to grade school when you were learning to read.  EVERY DAY you would be learning skills, exercises, and pieces of the puzzle until you had the whole thing down.  And you DIDN'T even realize you were learning!  Because it was fun and small parts of the whole were broken down DAILY until reading just became a successful part of your every day life. 

Often times, these students go on to become our Interns, Apprentices, Trainees, and Business Coaching Clients.  Many go on Educational Intensives and Retreats with us


Our Online Toolkit and In Person Teaching Clinic

YOU CAN have freedom - whether it's freedom in health, finances, work, or all of the above.  But it takes DAILY steps, and the purposeful intention of daily committment to new actions and thought processes, that's why DrFoodie has created an online school type platform where you can choose your own lessons,  learn at your own pace, with daily access to step into a more beneficial life IMMEDIATELY, right from DAY 1!  In addition you can attend webinars performed at our Teaching Clinic.

In order to be successful in your education, we highly recommend setting aside a time of day every day to peruse and choose lessons and articles for a designated amount of time to study.  Download what interests you at the time, and keep a file in your email inbox so that you can refer back to it again and again as needed. 



 We want to help those committed to growth, life, and health so that we can:

*  get exclusive information to you DAILY

* to make sure you have enough information for all dimensions to learn new habits of living, so that you are DAILY living differently

* Get enough information to you so that you can see noticeable change in your life. 

Conventional understandings, thought processes, commonly held beliefs of our world and society's way of living are NOT going to get you there! To learn something new, it takes the habit of daily action.



New content continuously so that you can pick and choose what you want to take advantage of, with links to the direct lessons to download containing the following elements:

 *  We focus on the areas of recipes, meal planning, and nutrition education(that is different from the food pyramid and EVERYTHING you've learned about food)  These lessons contain nutritional psychology, and conceptual understandings of the act of eating, including the functioning of foods for the body.

* We focus is on career, work, purpose, your personal Greatness Within.  What you are SUPPOSED to be doing in this world.  How to access your innate and natural talents, skills and abilities, and how to share those out into the world.  It could be through new concepts and images for your current work situation, or for creating action towards a new one, learning your Greatness Within, and/or even developing a business, or making your current one better.  It's all about learning what you are MEANT to do and then finding out HOW to do it. 

Many lessons are geared towards the physical body, including the concepts you have about yourself, your body, and your health.  This includes awareness and identification of concepts that are keeping you from achieving the health you desire, and how concepts contribute to the pathology you are experiencing.  These lessons include discussions, articles, and education on movement and exercise and what's right for YOU, despite the current bandwagon ideas.  These lessons include education and case studies into real life health concerns.

* We dedicate many lessons to your wealth and financial success, including incorporating your purpose into useful work that provides for your life.  It involves developing an image for where you want to go, identifies your concepts surrounding your view on wealth, and concept awareness that could be keeping you stuck where you are.  These lessons help you to get a handle on how you feel about your finances and how to change your forecast on them.  These lessons also incorporate business growth and development, as well as business information for the Next Generation of Healers that are looking to be in the business of natural health.

Where would we be if it wasn't for relationships?  You will find lessons to bring out more success in the relationships of your life, whether that be a significant other, kids, or your relationships in your work life.  These lessons will help you identify faulty concepts and create new images towards a more peaceful co-existence.


Benefits of Student Membership:

* Lessons for study in all Dimensions of Wellness

* Access to members only content

*  Access to opportunities, new book releases, new lessons before they are released to the public

* Free lessons, articles, exercises delivered right to your inbox

* Members only perks:  discounted workshops, sneak peaks, members only polls

* Opportunities to move on to Teacher Trainings, Instructor Training and Certification

* 1 year Certification after being an Active Student Member for an entire year, for those that want to apply what they are learning to help others, can be used in some instances as CE credits

* These students generally are planning on learning for themselves, want to heal and grow themselves, AND possibly build a career with this education.  They want dedicated continued education so that they can help themselves become committed to becoming a practitioner in their own right.   These students are offered internships, teachings, trainings, apprenticeships and group coaching as part of the Next Generation of Healers through Dr.Foodie and Amanda Soulvay Plevell, PhD, CNHP

* Practical applications of wellness, balance and holistic health and wellness approaches. 

*Early downloads of all releases

* Access to occasional Q & A webinars or Facebook Live

*Free and discounted tickets to workshops, events and webinars

* Special behind the scenes videos as they arise


Getting started is EASY!

1.  Subscribe to Students of DrFoodie membership so that you receive the emails.  Without doing this step, you'll sit with an empty inbox.

2. Create a DrFoodie account, so that we know you on login, and to make it easier to receive the downloads of your chosen lessons.  This way, you won't have to register as a guest each time. 

3.  Set aside a time EACH DAY to choose your lessons and study.  Tip:  We know many of our students set aside a time each day, and then plan out their week according to what they want to learn.  They order all their lesson downloads that they will need for the week at once.

We asked our past students for their favorite lessons.  Here are their Top Favorite Lesson Downloads:

The Fractions of the Personality

Learn the Law of Nourishment

Becoming aware of your Faulty Concepts

Food Functions

Creating My Human Experience Concepting Exercises

8D Dimensional Wellness Optimal Wellness Assessment

I Think I Can:  Getting Started Understanding Concepts

Developing My Life's Purpose

IBYes Bowel Health Program

Beginning Concepting


Don't forget to take advantage of all the FREE education in our blogs!  And our many many FREE lessons and articles posted throughout Access Your Lessons

If you REALLY don't know where to get started, start here: Reset 30 DAY Challenge


You ARE AMAZING!  Happy learning!