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Intuitive Unschooling Book Club Official Support Kit

Intuitive Unschooling Book Club Official Support Kit

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If you've ever wondered about homeschooling, here is an instant homeschooling guidebook that gives you everything you need to make it a success! Better yet, it is written with intuitive sensitivities in mind. If you want your child to have MORE than just an education, but to help them answer the call of greatness within them, and be the best person they can be, build character, create success, and responsibility, all while letting the flow of life guide you, then Intuitive Homeschooling is the right style for you. Let the child's inner Greatness and soul emerge, then train the brain to support that individual potential. Intuive Un-Schooling is the only method to do just that. Intuition supports each method of learning, as well as teaching them to trust their inner voice. Un-schooling is the method of decluttering the brain from conventional thought, belief, and expectation, in order that the learner can form a free-thinking mind. "Intuitive Unschooling: Instant Homeschool Guidebook" is the most comprehensive book in homeschool education that contains everything you need to know so that you can start today and raise the bar for the potential your child has to offer. Intuitive Homeschooling has everything you need to get started today! * Forms you can customize, * Ready made examples to copy off and use right away. * A list of materials you need, saving you money. * Checklists and progress reports so you know your kids are meeting their goals. * Report cards and attendance forms to make reporting easier. * Writing prompts, lesson plans, and project kit ideas * Responsibility and character education to create independence in your students. * Planning that helps you adjust to a slower life pace and educate at their pace, with their ambitions in mind. * Povides ample opportunity for outside education experiences. * Lifestyle education so students are successful and move effortlessly into a real-world situation post graduation. * And best yet, it gives YOU the POWER to be able to DO IT!

Kit comes with one instructor copy of the book, along with Book Club Support materials

Learn how to lead others to success in homeschooling through your mentorship.