Plan 3: Lose Weight

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So sick of the struggle to lose weight?  We get it.  Because there are some HUGE metabolic lessons that haven't been taught and make a BIG difference!

Welcome to DrFoodie's Exlusive Online Weight Loss Party!

Some things our members have reported:

Experience weight loss and/or fat loss
Experience a re-balancing of your body’s shaping
Discover a new sense of contentment with yourself
Improve your mood
Feel more energy
Feel happier and more joyful
Enjoy your life more
Feel less grumpy or moody
Feel more clarity
Notice less illness
Notice less pain and/or stiffness
Notice a reduction in symptoms previously held
Change your mindset
Change your viewpoint and concepts
Feel healthier in your eating
Feel more confident in your meal planning and food knowledge
Be happier in your relationships
Feel happier with who you are
Feel less anxious, worried, or fearful on a daily basis
Feel healthier overall

ANYONE can positively affect ANYTHING in SOME way through better nourishment!  See for yourself!

You'll Receive:
  1. Our signature DrFoodie RESULTS Training Program.  Amanda Plevell, founder of will walk you through the core of the principles the RESULTS program is based on.  You'll learn the life-changing mindsets, and how to identify your faulty concepts on your own so you can continue to have success long after the  program is over.  Each lesson is straightforward, easy and instantly applicable.  You start immediately!
  2. Weekly recipes, motivation, educational tips, charting, live videos and more through the FB private membership access!
  3. A community of support.  You will be given access to our closed FB group set up specifically as the place to receive weekly videos to keep you motivated.  Plus, you'll find recipes, tips, tools, charts, and more from DrFoodie AS WELL AS recipes and support, ideas and help from the other community members.  You be as active or private as you want to be!
  4. Lifetime support!  Stay with as us as long as you choose with our one time membership fee!
  5. Access to DrFoodie's entire Online Toolkit for added exercises, articles, and tips for success.

Then, once you are balanced, you'll learn principles so that you STAY in balance!  Not denying yourself, but how to follow the functions in BALANCE!

1.  Simple food truths that 98% of Americans will never know, but should if they want to fuel for health.

2. The Function of Foods and how they interplay with your body, defining how your body will respond. 

3. How to make healthy food, FAST food.

4.  Easy formulas for breakfast and lunches that are complete, whole, and perfectly balanced, as well as quick and convenient.

5.  How to eat, exactly

6.  How to blend Food Fx with your preference:  Keto, Paleo, SCD, AIP and other healing diets....they ALL work with Food Fx and Food Fx SHOULD be applied to them!

7.  Where to shop

8.  What to buy

9.  How to feed your family when you all eat differently.

10.  Dealing with "picky" eaters

11. Recipes that make life simple

12.  What to do when eating out

13.  Health friendly holidays

14. How to handle illness and use food to assist your body's efforts to heal

14. and much much more!

Here's what to do next.  Immediately upon purchase, you will receive an email to your inbox with instructions to login to your account where you will find all the information you need for your plan. 

Should you have any trouble, simply email us at    

We can't WAIT to hear about your experiences and results!  Go YOU!