Success Conditioning Work It Out Book

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You can be conditioned for success in all areas of your life: relationships, career, family, finance, etc.! Each person is taught that success in any endeavor is already a part of them and ultimately theirs to own if they so choose, they just don’t realize it yet! The Generative Awareness Theory taught in class is best defined as a “snowball” effect. Once the ball begins to roll down the hill, it only continues to grow, becoming larger and faster, and is unable to cease until it reaches its destination. In other words, the “light at the end of the tunnel” only grows bigger as the individual continues to move towards it. Potential is only realized when we are given a chance to prove it through our day to day experiences. Once we are aware, we realize that that potential was always there! We were capable of that achievement all along, we just had to take that first step. Before long those steps turn into a jog, which turns into a sprint, and every step from that point on must be one that moves the individual closer to the “end of the tunnel”. Before you know it, you are standing in the light, looking back and saying, “I was always here, I was always capable of this!”