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Food FX is a customizable balance tool , not based on restriction but on balance and bio-individuality. It consists of learning the functions foods play in the body in order to enhance natural system functioning, ultimately leading to greater health expression.

Wouldn't It Make Sense to Understand the Functions of Food?

Food is meant to FUEL the functioning of your body.  Wouldn't it make sense to understand the FUNCTIONS of the food?

Why are so many diagnosed diseases directly related to nutrition and yet we don't discuss food as first line therapy?  When healthy food and nourishment knowledge can be used to sustain and build healthy bodies, it would make sense that we would learn the very valuable information that food and plants contain.  We should know what food does inside our bodies, how each food functions, and helps our bodies to function.

Welcome to Food FX!

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Digest With Your EARS For Better Digestive Health:  Why the Ears Impact How Well You Use Your Food

Digest With Your EARS For Better Digestive Health: Why the Ears Impact How Well You Use Your Food

We must move the body into the Parasympathetic phase before eating and then stay there, being mindful during our meal so that the body is focused on the job at hand.  When we do so, we can assimilate our nutrients better, produce balanced acidity to break foods down, energize the body, and not cause stress and inflammation in the gut.  In short, everything works better.  Taking time to prepare the body for food and digestion goes a long way towards your experience of health.  
"Unimaginable Innovation Comes From Unimaginable Circumstances"

"Unimaginable Innovation Comes From Unimaginable Circumstances"

Amanda Plevell, PhD has steered her Natural Health Business 15 years through ups and downs, including tumultuous personal and economic dips.  It has taught her a lot about the gift of adaptation and the perception of victimization. 

EVERYONE has to adapt now and I’ve had lots of practice.   I’m really in creative mode right now, intent on seeing a new, better “normal” and I have no doubt that we’re going to see some more previously pretty unimaginable innovations changing the world for us all.

How Our Current Political Climate is Reminding Us Of Our Innate Design For Real and Perfect Health and the Best Resources You Can Use To Activate It!

How Our Current Political Climate is Reminding Us Of Our Innate Design For Real and Perfect Health and the Best Resources You Can Use To Activate It!

Have you had issues with bowel habits?  feel acid reflux, belly pains, don't digest food well, weight issues, hormonal issues, mood swings?  You might notice that YOU might be one having a hard time engaging the Parasympathetic.   If this happens, you can never get into that restful place where the body is now putting it's attention on digestion, or detoxification, or breathe.  The adrenals get over taxed, we feel tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, overburdened.  Some people call this "anxiety" and it truly is a body being in an overwhelmed state.  So are anxiety meds the right way to go?  I don't happen to believe so, and created

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About Dr. Amanda E. Plevell, PhD, CNHP

Your Food Literally Makes up The Body You Become, and Thus the life you will have. Your Food Choices put you in the driver's seat of the health (or disease) experiences you will have. Here's Some Food With a Purpose.

Berry Berry Nice Cream

Berry Berry Nice Cream

Enjoying a cool summer treat doesn't have to come with loads of artificial ingredients, sugars, additives, dyes, and mucous creating ingredients.

Homemade Gut Microbiome Boosting Yogurt

Homemade Gut Microbiome Boosting Yogurt

  1 qt organic half and half 1 qt organic whole milk 2 5gm packets yogurt starter You will need a Yogourmet yogurt maker appliance and a candy the...
Banana Pecan Pancakes

Banana Pecan Pancakes

When you're following a specialized diet, Saturday morning breakfast can be a bit of a trick! I grew up having buttermilk pancakes with my grandma ...

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"I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired!  Nothing worked, and I tried EVERYTHING!  DrFoodie's name says it all...RESULTS! Everything I did was online or by phone and made it simple for my schedule.   I can't say thank you enough!"


"I have never experienced anything like this.  I can't believe this simple knowledge is not common knowledge!  Learning Food Functions and Conceptual healing is a MUST."


"I felt in such a PRISON with restrictive up and down dieting.  I wanted better health, but I wasn't getting it anywhere.  Nourishment makes so much sense.  I loved how I was led through the lessons and could apply the information on my own, right away. It was SO easy!"


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