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Looking at the constructs behind the functions of foods and how they coordinate with the functions of our bodies is the ultimate game changer when it comes to taking power back over the outcome of your health. DrFoodie helps thousands adjust their current belief in 4 Steps: The 5 Questions, the 6 Meal Planning Words, the 7D percent Nourishment program, all to achieve a balanced, happy functional health in all 8Dimensions of live. This book incites healing through food like you're never seen before!



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Help Me with Gut Health

Help Me with Depression

Help Me with Anxiety

Help Me with Better Health

Help Me with Nutrition

Help Me with Weight

Help me with infant Loss.

Help Me with Purpose

Help Me understand what to do with my life

Help Me get a better job

Help Me Develop a Career as a Healer

Have More Love.

Help Me Be Happier

Help Me have Better Relationships

Help Me have More Money

Help ME Love my life.

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RESET is designed to make it easy to learn about healthy nutrition, clean balanced eating, proper nourishment by learning the Functions of Food and Plant Based Diet. Clean Eating Recipes, Healthy eating meal plans, and daily tips to learn laws of nourishment. The RESET plan is a great way to gain health freedom through food and finding yourself with added concept therapy exercises to improve your relationship with your food, your self, and your life all 30 days!

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"To the person considering working with DrFoodie, I can't say enough about the help I received!  I honestly didn't know what to expect but was blown away by what I received! I came on looking for help for my chronic skin conditions and came out feeling hope. It was amazing, like I finally understood the anxiety and frustration I had been having with my life and didn't know it was all linked!  I felt so good being with my coach, Amanda.  Just being in her space was amazing. She makes me feel so good and sure of myself. Not only did I improve my physical health, but I improved all the others areas in my life."


Amanda Soulvay Plevell has been my mentor and my intuitive guide these past five years of my life.  You can google her, she has written many self help books and more. She is more than words can say, I go to her for a lot of advice I need and she, along with my guides, helps me see what is right for me.


"DrFoodie's programs teach you to have strength and confidence in yourself and what you have to offer.  My coach makes you feel like you are who you are meant to be, she has an uncanny knack for always having a way to find a solution for every situation.  She has a way of looking at a problem and having a way to help you develop a plan to address is successfully."

Natural Source Client 2017

"I need to thank you, DrFoodie.  Following the Reset 30 Day,  I've had a week of NO pain or grief and you have no idea how good that feels."

Natural Source Client 2017

"What I am most excited for is that I am now following my bliss after the concepting work I found through DrFoodie.  I definitely recommend people get started with the "Understanding Beginning Concepts" Lesson, and if you are really into resetting your life,  do DrFoodie's Reset 30 Day Program!"

WellCLinic Client 2018

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