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"Food is the Future of Healthcare"

There is a difference between Nutrition and Nourishment

Years of health research is wrong and leaves out some VERY VALUABLE and NECESSARY information EVERYONE should know.

DrFoodie knows it and is passionate about teaching to others. DrFoodie is an online transformative health and wellness brand. Not only is it an easily accessible online toolkit, but it contains a transformative holistic health program, DrFoodie RESULTS, dedicated to teaching this highly valuable difference and what that means for your health outcome.  Food is meant to FUEL the functioning of your body.  Wouldn't it make sense to understand the FUNCTIONS of the food?

DrFoodie RESULTS is a food methodology unlike any other program out there because it teaches nourishment principles.  DrFoodie RESULTS works for people wanting to re-balance weight, gain vitality, improve health, heal from dis-ease or addiction, and/or live a more conscious, happier existence. 

DrFoodie RESULTS will teach you the functions of food themselves.  DrFoodie RESULTS will train your brain and body to reset, to decode the conceptual programming that could be preventing your success, and grow your life through truly nourishing means, changing your self, your family and our world.  

ANYONE can positively affect ANYTHING in SOME Way Through Better Nourishment.  See for yourself!


"I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired!  Nothing worked, and I tried EVERYTHING!  DrFoodie's name says it all...RESULTS!  I can't say thank you enough!"


"I have never experienced anything like this.  I can't believe this simple knowledge is not common knowledge!  Learning Food Functions and Conceptual healing is a MUST."


"I felt in such a PRISON with restrictive up and down dieting.  I wanted better health, but I wasn't getting it anywhere.  Nourishment makes so much sense.  And it was SO easy!"


During This 90 Day Experience, You'll Learn:

*  How to work with the 5 healing fractions, identify the one most common to you, and what that means for how you heal and live.

*  The 4 Food Functions and how to eat in alignment with the functions each food serves.

*  Proven mindset and behavioral techniques to never feel powerless with food again.

*   Accessing your image for success rather than relying on judgement, determination and/or willpower. 

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What Exactly Is Included With DrFoodie RESULTS?


Our Signature DrFoodie RESULTS Video Training Program

 Amanda Plevell, founder of DrFoodie, will walk you through the core of the principles the RESULTS program is based on.  You'll learn the life-changing mindsets, and how to identify your faulty concepts on your own so you can continue to have success long after the program is over.  Each video is straightforward, easy and instantly applicable. You start immediately!


A Softcover Copy of "Clean Your Plate" direct to your door.   

This is the newest addition to our wellness education arsenal and it's destined FOR YOUR HANDS!


Weekly LIVE Coaching Sessions with a Certified RESULTS Coach

Every week, you’ll join a LIVE video coaching session where you’ll receive direct support and feedback from a Certified RESULTS Coach. These weekly coaching sessions are a time to check in, be encouraged, get your questions answered, and gain success tips each week.


Private DrFoodie RESULTS Community Space

Having a family of like-minded people makes learning a new lifestyle that much easier. This private group will help you stay on track and be a rich resource for recipes, motivation, and support.


Living RESULTS EBook

This is the e-book "Clean Your Plate", on which the RESULTS program began.  Having it will help you integrate everything you learn in RESULTS so that after the 90-day program is complete, you’ll have clear access to continued success. 


Recordings of ALL LIVE Coaching Sessions and Tribe Meetings.

This will come in handy if you have to miss a LIVE Coaching, plus you can access them for up to 6 months after the program ends!

7.  Customized Coaching

A certified coach will customize additional success topics specific to your need. Not only do you receive the signature RESULTS program with it's pattern of success for it's users, but you get to tailor it to YOU!


Access to DrFoodie's entire Online Toolkit for added exercises, articles, and tips for success!

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Who Is DrFoodie?

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Things You Should Know About DrFoodie RESULTS


This is not a temporary diet/detox/fad/fix.  The principles you learn allow you to easily apply them to your life to teach you a lifetime of nourishment and balance,  essentially how to have your cake and eat it too, in a healthy way!


There are no special foods to purchase, points, calories, or numbers to count, and you WON'T go hungry. 


This is not an exercise specific program.  Yes, we will discuss and answer questions about exercise, because it seems there is a LOT of confusion over movement principles, but it is NOT the mainstay of what RESULTS is all about.


Change your life NOW by committing to YOURSELF, NOT other people!  Yes, it's a 90 day program, but with DrFoodie's online toolkit, access to learning principles can continue indefinitely.  The information in our 90 day program, Live coaching, and Community Tribe Groups are recorded so you can use the information IN YOUR TIMEFRAME


DrFoodie RESULTS is SO MUCH MORE than learning the difference between nutrition and nourishment.  It is really a personal development journey, and we've had miraculous stories of the great experiences and unique ways RESULTS has changed all dimensions of life!

What the RESULTS Program Looks Like:

Weeks 1-12

Week1:  Where We Went and Why We Haven't Been Successful With What We HAVE NOT Been Taught

Week 2:  The Functions of Food and What That Means For Our Health

Week 3:  Real Food

Week 4:  7D Nourishment

Week 5:  Putting Meal Planning into Practice

Week 6:  The 4 Steps to Take to Boldly Empower Your Health Freedom

Weeks 7-10 Concepting, Faulty Concepts, and Mindset Reset

Weeks 11-12  Putting it all Together

Choose the option that works best for you:

Secrets That Could Save Your Life

Find Healthy Tacos on National Taco Day 2018

Find Healthy Tacos on National Taco Day 2018

How a Long Line of Conditioning Shapes our Kids to be Judgemental and Intolerant and What You Can Do About It

How a Long Line of Conditioning Shapes our Kids to be Judgemental and Intolerant and What You Can Do About It

This very accepted and expected behavior alignment principle is the beginning, for many young people, in a long line of conditioning that teaches there is a "right" way and a "wrong" way.  How does this set our kids up for tolerance, understanding, and compassion of and for those that think differently than they do?  Here's an exercises to access your innate goodness when you entered this world.
Why Do I Crave Sugar? When It's NOT Candida, and 4 Things You Can Do Right Now

Why Do I Crave Sugar? When It's NOT Candida, and 4 Things You Can Do Right Now

"Why do I crave sugar," she said.  "I NEVER have craved sugar.  I've never been one who absolutely has to have sugar." She didn't have the typical...
The Number One GoTo For Any Health Condition:  Can It Be This Simple?

The Number One GoTo For Any Health Condition: Can It Be This Simple?

Because this is a natural way for the body to eat, natural functioning processes start to happen, and return to normal.   The body re-learns proper metabolism, it assists in waste and elimination in the body.  It is natural detoxification.  It is natural vitamin, mineral, and enzyme intake.
Transitional Diet Options Chart: Easy Meal Planning for Non-Vegans

Transitional Diet Options Chart: Easy Meal Planning for Non-Vegans

What to Eat   Natural Diet Options  Follow 7D Nourishment to keep in balance so that a good majority of intake is coming from veget...
Hand Foot Mouth Disease - Some Uncommon Tips

Hand Foot Mouth Disease - Some Uncommon Tips

Hand Foot Mouth Disease seems to be making the headlines not only in the news, but across dining room tables all over America.  To get a backgroun...

Food With a Purpose

Italian Zucchini Boats

Italian Zucchini Boats

How simple is this?
Portabello Mushroom and Pesto Pizza

Portabello Mushroom and Pesto Pizza

It doesn't seem that long ago that as a kid I would ONLY eat cheese pizza. Again and again! How could I have missed out on the many wonderful combi...
Mexican Street Corn Casserole

Mexican Street Corn Casserole

There is something about summer, sun, lakes parades, beaches and bonfires that screams ROASTED CORN!

This casserole is gluten free, easily grain free (send me a comment if you want some help with an easy adaptation), vegetarian and/or vegan (if using a vegan cheese sauce).

It's a crowd pleaser, filling, comfort food.