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Rebuilding Connective Tissue and Ligaments in the Knee:  8 Simple Tips You Can Use Today

Rebuilding Connective Tissue and Ligaments in the Knee: 8 Simple Tips You Can Use Today

While the trouble with joints including knees or hips is very direct, the health and capability of the whole body is essential.  Obviously to build healthy tissue ANYWHERE in the body, the proper nutrients need to come in and they need to be digested and utilized.  Nutrients that keep the body functioning well promote proper elimination through healthy organs.  How well the body does these tasks determines that the correct hormones and fats going through the body can work on their own, and hormones are an often unidentified component in the body's ability to heal. 
Your Life After Covid 19:  5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Your Life After Covid 19: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

With change and inevitable transformation under-foot, now is THE BEST time to examine yourself and spend some time dreaming, planning and creating the new heaven on earth you want to see your life being, helping to create change in every way we want to see and live in the world. 
Super Helpful When Vitamins, Antibacterials, and Disinfectants Are Out Of Stock.

Super Helpful When Vitamins, Antibacterials, and Disinfectants Are Out Of Stock.

Also, it's not ONLY about the strength of the immune system.  The strength of the immune system is determined in large part by what the cells can do, how well they can metabolize, utilize nutrients, and resist inflammation.  

Let's look at some functional tips to add to your arsenal of health fortifying options.

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Your Food Literally Makes up The Body You Become, and Thus the life you will have. Your Food Choices put you in the driver's seat of the health (or disease) experiences you will have. Here's Some Food With a Purpose.

Creamy White Bean Soup

Creamy White Bean Soup

Finally!  A cream soup that isn't grain based.  So delicious.  So simple.  Let me know how you like it!   Saute together: 2 tablespoons oli...
Healthy Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip

Healthy Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip

Growing up, I was never one for dips of any kind.  I ate veggies fresh from the garden or apples off of the tree, and with my immature overly aware...
Using the Energy Bowl Formula to Create Lunch: Maple Kale Salad

Using the Energy Bowl Formula to Create Lunch: Maple Kale Salad

Instead of making "salad", lets throw together the wide variety of vegetation available and change up flavors to create an "energy bowl" for lunch.  Here is the Energy Bowl Formula  

2 kinds of greens

1 kind of fruit

one oil

vegetation protein source (some suggestions:  nuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts, chia, lentils, beans)

"Food is the Future of Healthcare"

There is a difference between Nutrition and Nourishment

Years of health research is wrong and leaves out some VERY VALUABLE and NECESSARY information EVERYONE should know.

He who controls the food controls the world.  Remember Covid 2020?  How prepared were you?  Could you live sustainably?  What if support remedies or medicines were in short supply, businesses weren't stocking, couriers weren't shipping.  When healthy food and knowledge of plant medicine can be used to sustain and build healthy bodies, it would make sense that we would learn the very valuable information that food and plants contain.  We should know what food does inside our bodies, how each food functions, and helps our bodies to function.

DrFoodie knows this and is passionate about teaching it to others.  Our online courses  are easy to use and apply immediately. Food is meant to FUEL the functioning of your body.  Wouldn't it make sense to understand the FUNCTIONS of the food?

DrFoodie teaches courses based on a  food methodology unlike any other program out there because it teaches nourishment principles, with courses like "IBYES" to relieve symptoms of IBD.

DrFoodie Courses like "Weight Rebalancing", and "Eat Right" works for people wanting to re-balance weight, gain vitality, improve health, heal from dis-ease or addiction, and/or live a more conscious, happier existence. 

DrFoodie Courses will teach you the functions of food themselves.  DrFoodie Courses like "Concept Awareness" and "Anxiety Turnaround" will train your brain and body to reset, to decode the conceptual programming that could be preventing your success, and grow your life through truly nourishing means, changing your self, your family and our world.  

ANYONE can positively affect ANYTHING in SOME Way Through DrFoodie Courses. See for yourself!


"I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired!  Nothing worked, and I tried EVERYTHING!  DrFoodie's name says it all...RESULTS! Everything I did was online or by phone and made it simple for my schedule.   I can't say thank you enough!"


"I have never experienced anything like this.  I can't believe this simple knowledge is not common knowledge!  Learning Food Functions and Conceptual healing is a MUST."


"I felt in such a PRISON with restrictive up and down dieting.  I wanted better health, but I wasn't getting it anywhere.  Nourishment makes so much sense.  I loved how I was led through the lessons and could apply the information on my own, right away. It was SO easy!"


Here's What You Can Learn With DrFoodie:

*  How to work with the 5 healing fractions, identify the one most common to you, and what that means for how you heal and live.

*  The 4 Food Functions and how to eat in alignment with the functions each food serves.

*  Proven mindset and behavioral techniques to never feel powerless with food or your emotions again.

*   Accessing your image for success rather than relying on judgement, determination and/or willpower. 

* How to correctly heal from feelings of Anxiety

* How food affects mental health

* Symptom relieving techniques for Colitis, Crohns' IBS and IBD

* Correct constipation and bring your digestive system into balance.

* How to become aware of the limiting concepts that continue to create poor health experiences. 

Food, Industry, and Preventative Care Are Headed in the Wrong Direction

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When You Join DrFoodie you could:


Gain control over your health experience and have a say in your body's expression of illness. 


Spend purposeful time with your self and your family learning important life skills. 


Create a stronger, healthier body, home, family, community, world.


Become stronger and more capable as you learn healthier, sustainable, better choices.

5. Become a powerful factor in  the health of our children.

5.  Be prepared when disaster strikes.

6. Be healthier, happier, more productive.

6. Reduce anxiety and depression

7. Decrease the number of people in pain and inflammatory disease

8. Your vote is heard forcing manufacturers to end harmful practices and work in favor of the people they are supposed to serve. 

9. Become a powerful activator of change

10. Notice your grocery bill is less

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Who Is DrFoodie?

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Things You Should Know About DrFoodie


This is not a temporary diet/detox/fad/fix.  The principles you learn allow you to easily apply them to your life to teach you a lifetime of nourishment and balance,  essentially how to have your cake and eat it too, in a healthy way!


There are no special foods to purchase, points, calories, or numbers to count, and you WON'T go hungry. 


This is not an exercise specific program.  


Change your life NOW by committing to YOURSELF, NOT other people!  With DrFoodie's online membership, access to learning principles can continue indefinitely.  The information is stacked in courses on your dashboard so you can use the information IN YOUR TIMEFRAME


DrFoodie  is really a personal development journey, and we've had miraculous stories of the great experiences and unique ways working with DrFoodie has changed all dimensions of life!

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